was created in response to the life-threatening impact of COVID-19 on communities and the people who are most at risk. With this fast-spreading virus, anyone can be affected at any time. We understand that you and your loved ones may feel overwhelmed and anxious. We seek to give people like you the best level of care possible by keeping a close eye on your symptoms and vital signs.

We do this by:
  • Monitoring you in your home, and sharing important information with care providers and health professionals
  • Providing diagnostic testing, in-home oxygen, and in-home services such as nursing care, community paramedicine, and doctor consultations
  • Offering a less expensive and less disruptive alternative to overtaxed resources such as emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and health centers
  • Mobilizing a response team to safely transport anyone who needs emergency or hospital care to facilities prepared to provide it

The current situation

The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating. It threatens millions of lives and the welfare of our society as a whole. We’ve all heard about social distancing, and hopefully you are practicing it. But social distancing, while important, can only do so much to keep the virus from spreading.

It’s possible that the virus may continue to spread into the late spring and summer months, unless major steps are taken locally.
Care facilities will likely be overwhelmed when sick people continue showing up in emergency rooms in high numbers.
Even more concerning, care providers may very well become infected in greater numbers, which will make it more difficult to protect and care for those who are ill.

Flattening the curve by keeping people safe in place

The new reality of COVID-19 brings new concepts – such as “flattening the curve.” What do we mean by this? To flatten the curve means to lower the number of new cases of COVID-19 by doing things like self-isolation, frequent handwashing, and avoiding touching our face. To help keep our healthcare providers and facilities from being overwhelmed, we must do all we can to keep people safe and healthy where they live.


aims to accomplish this through in-home monitoring to diagnose and manage any symptoms you may have. This way you can avoid going to the emergency room unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Using social distancing as a way to reduce the rate of transmission

You’ve probably heard a lot about social distancing – keeping at least 6 feet away from others when you’re out and about. It can make a real difference.
Social distancing:
  • Prevents new infections
  • Helps buy time to develop treatments and/or vaccines
  • Reduces very real and personal devastation for those who been affected by COVID-19

Evaluating your needs

In these challenging times, it’s good to know that there is coordinated effort to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.


is designed to provide you with the optimal level of care in the comfort of your home. Trained, clinical professionals and physicians provide evaluations and assess your risk through a hotline, email, online chat, and teleconferencing.

Based on your clinical evaluation, a personalized plan of care is created just for you.

This includes:
  • A timely referral to a COVID-19 testing center, if needed
  • A home visit for further evaluation, if needed
  • Providing biosensor devices to monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature
  • Education on how to monitor yourself at home
  • When necessary, paramedicine and EMS response to transfer you to the emergency room

US Headquarters:
245 Main St, Cambridge MA 02142 USA

UK Headquarters:
1 Ashley Road, Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom, WA14 2DT

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